Bag of Laughs

Bag of Laughs allows you to compete with others using your repertoire of jokes or expand on your joke knowledge.
Bag of Laughs can be played by any number of players.

The aim of the game is to think of a joke containing the random word provided. If you can not start telling the joke within five seconds you can choose to be shown a clue. If you are still struggling, you can choose to see the full joke.

You will be awarded three points if you can think of a joke without the clue, one point if you can think of a joke with the clue but zero points if you choose to show the full joke.

The app will keep track of your scores until one of the players reaches the target score selected at the start of the game.

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Bag of Laughs does not store or record information about your game play. The current state of the active game, such as the number of players, their current scores and the chosen target score, are kept on device and not uploaded. This information is then cleared once you press the Leaderboard then "End Game" button, once one player has reached the target score and presses "New Game" or the app is quit from running in the background of your device.

The Bag of Laughs Facebook Messenger Bot responds to your messages automatically with a joke. Bag of Laughs uses the message that you sent to the Bag of Laughs bot to return a joke and does not access any other information about you from your Facebook profile.

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